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Volunteer your Talent & Time at PLE!

We have many ways to share your talents, knowledge, and skills at PLE. We need volunteers for special events, the library program, school store, workroom, mentor program and more! Your time is precious, so why not spend it doing something rewarding and worthwhile supporting our school?

Your first step to volunteering is filling out the PFISD volunteer application, including a background check. This application is annual and renewed every year. When you apply online, select Parmer Lane Elementary as your preferred campus. The application takes about two weeks and after it is approved, you are free to join in the volunteering activities on campus. We post sign-ups regularly as needs arise.

We have Fall Carnival coming up and we'll need volunteers to help set up and to run the activities. Fill out the application now so that you will be cleared to help out in time for all the fun!

Contact if you have any questions about how to volunteer. We look forward to working with you & thank you for sharing your valuable time with us!


We also need bilingual volunteers that can help us translate communication materials like this website and flyers! Email for more information.


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