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PTO Officers Introductions

New year, new PTO! A Message from our New Officers.

A Message from PTO President, Angie Vaught:

Happy 2020 PLE!

My name is Angie Vaught and I am taking over as the new PTO president. I have two sons who attend PLE named Jaxton and Tobyn in grades 3 and 1 respectively. I have been involved with PLE for the past two years as a volunteer in the gym doing hockey outreach and also helping support the PTO initiatives.

Besides being a mother and volunteer I am the general manager of Chaparral Ice Center in Austin, TX and an avid hockey coach and player. As a hockey player and manager I recognize that it takes a team to be successful in any role, and the team that PLE currently has in place leading us into 2020 is an incredible one.

With the support of all of our volunteers and teachers we feel that the PLE PTO will continue to build on the established legacy set up by our past president Colette and also set new benchmarks in terms of fundraising and community involvement that we believe will help us give our students and teachers all of the support they need to be successful scholastically, mentally and physically.

We are always open to hearing new suggestions, or ideas folks may have and we encourage every parent to take an active role in PLE to make sure that they have a voice in helping shape their child’s future.

Take care - Angie Vaught

A Message from Vice President, Sarah Siller:

Hello PLE,

My name is Sarah Siller and I am so excited to be Vice President of our amazing PTO. Our family moved to Parmer Lane two years ago after a lot of research trying to find a great school for our family and Parmer Lane has exceeded all expectations! Sophia and Robert (3rd and 1st) have loved their time here and my husband Mark and I love being a part of their journey.

As a small business owner at Sarah Siller Photography and a mother, I enjoy being involved in our community here at Parmer Lane. My hope as VP is very simply to work with this awesome PTO to continue the great work Collette and team have already accomplished and continue to build community and support the AMAZING teachers and staff.

Here's to a great year! - Sarah Siller

A Message from Treasurer, Shawna Loberg:

Hello PLE! I'm Shawna Loberg and am excited to be serving as the new PTO Treasurer! I am a Stay-at-Home Mom who works part-time as and Athletic Trainer as well as a Preschool Teacher. This is our family's 3rd year as a part of the PLE community and we couldn't be happier. With Olivia in 2nd Grade, Vivian in Kindergarten and Anthony starting the Fall of 2021, we are looking forward to many more great years here.

As your Treasurer, my goal is to keep everyone as up-to-date as possible on the financial health of the PTO. I think it is important for everyone to know where our money comes from and how the money is benefiting our school. I am also looking forward to working with everyone involved with the PTO in generating new ideas for fundraising. Go Leopards! - Shawna Loberg

A Message from Secretary, Suzy Moore:

Hi Everyone!

My name is Suzy Moore and I’m happy to serve as secretary this year. I’m an ex Art Historian/Museum Educator turned Stay-at-home-Mom. My twin boys Bobby and Charlie are in the second grade and we just love our rare and wonderful gem of school, Parmer Lane!

As secretary my first responsibility is to document our activities and meetings, but my dearest goal this year is to amp the PTO’s communications & fundraising online through social media and the web in order to increase the cohesion and efficacy of our group. I’m doing this because I am so grateful that my kids get to learn and grow in such a nurturing, challenging, diverse, creative, and innovative school and so I just want to give back.

Thank you for your support & I look forward to working with all of you this year and can’t wait to see what great things we can accomplish together!

Thanks- Suzy Moore

Kudos to Outgoing President, Colette Bonstead:

On behalf of all our board, we would like to take a moment to publicly recognise the special efforts of outgoing President Collette Bonstead. She has poured her heart and soul into our school & our PTO & we owe her a debt of gratitude. Colette stayed on as President even though her own family had moved into a different neighborhood & different school because she cares so much about PLE. We thank Colette for she has done to inspire us & lead us to great things & we wish her the best in her next chapter & will do our best to follow the excellent lead she has set.

Thanks - Angie, Sarah, Shawna & Suzy

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