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Meeting Minutes 9.14.22

Hello All!

Thank you to all for coming to the PTO meeting. The full notes including slides and links galore (volunteer sign ups, slideshows, budget documents, school store survey, threadless shop, accountability report, the works!) are available below, but here's a quick recap:

We talked about:

  1. Who we are, what we do & how to get involved.

  2. Upcoming volunteer needs & programs in the works (Bookfair, School Store, Carnival, School Garden).

  3. Mr. Miller gave the accountability report for our school regarding our academic performance.

Thank you for being a part of the Parmer Lane PTO team!

This document is in English, because we are in need of a Volunteer Spanish Translator. If you are bilingual in English/Spanish and would like to translate it, then we can send it out in Spanish as well. We have ongoing needs for Spanish and multilingual translation, so if this is an area in which you are willing to serve- please let us know!

Thank you! See you at the Pitch on Monday!


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