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Do you want the good news or the bad news?

Updated: Jan 24

The good news is three schools, Springhill Elementary, Pflugerville Elementary & Brookhollow Elementary, have been saved and are not currently in threat of closure. The bad news is, River Oaks, Parmer Lane, and Dessau Elementary are still on the chopping block!

During the school board meeting, the boundary adjustment committee said the plans to close three schools, plus the plan to rezone with no closure (Plan 8) are all moving forward to be examined in more detail, including plans for transition. The superintendent also announced possible cuts to programs such as Kickstart, and alluded to other measures not yet revealed. We are incensed at the news, and confused at the fact that the reasons behind all these decisions were not fully disclosed. Despite all this, we are motivated, we are united, and we are not giving up!

We are planning our response so stay tuned, but in the meantime- continue to write to the school board (see below) to tell them to save our schools! Write & tell them that closing the school may save money in the short term, but it will be too costly in the long run because teachers and parents will leave for nearby AISD schools, charter schools, or simply homeschool. The PFISD area will continue to grow, but if PFisd leaves a vacuum by school closures, those incoming families will opt out and enrollment will continue to nosedive . Also, plan on being at the next School Board meeting, February 2nd at 6:30pm to show your support for our schools. Location: 1401 W. Pecan, Pflugerville, TX 78660.

Photo by Patricia Lim- KUT


Copy & Paste these addresses & tell them: Closing the school will cost too much money in the long run & offer any ideas if you have some, for other ways they can save or pull in more money & why they must save our school:


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