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Crisis Averted! Time to Celebrate!

Updated: Feb 10

Due to the hard work of all our amazing community members, PLE is staying open to continue doing great things. We are so grateful to everyone for writing letters, attending the meetings, posting on social media, and publicly speaking up for our school. Thanks to all your hard work and astute arguments, the district leadership has been persuaded to keep our school open.

The crisis is averted for now, but the district is still in a precarious position financially, so our work is not yet over. We will be lobbying the state leaders to fund our schools and will initiate a neighborhood outreach campaign to recruit families to PLE & Pfisd schools. We will keep you posted as those plans take shape.

For now- PLEASE JOIN US FOR FUN on Thursday February 23, 2:30-3:45 out in front of the school for KONA ICE! We'll also be selling PLE t-shirts and spirit gear.

Mark your calendars for Thursday, March 2nd at 6pm for our next PTO meeting.

Details here!


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