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Bookfair, School store, Fall Carnival & More

Thank you to those who atended the first meeting of the year, if you missed it, you can find the notes here. Highlights from the meeting are:

We got to meet our wonderful new principal, Mrs. Martinez!

We also have additions to our PTO leadership team! Thanks to Belinda De Paz for being School Store Captain. Thanks to Kelley Decleene for stepping up as Secretary & Thanks to Vero Acero for offering to helping us with translations!

We have many programs this semester that we'd like to produce, but we can only make it happen if we have volunteers. We are looking for people to help us with:

🍁 Fall Carnival Captain - Serve as the event coordinator (sorting supplies & doing the volunteer sign up) for Fall Carnival, October 27th.

🎁 Holiday Store Helper - Source items for the Pto to purchase for the store decorate the Holiday Store classroom & do volunteer sign up for the shop days in December.

🍪 Staff Meeting Snack Helper - Make the sign-up sheet & set out snacks before the monthly staff meeting.

🍎 Teacher Appreciation Helper - Make the food sign ups or organize "goody bags" two or three times a year.

👕 T-Shirt Fundraiser Helper - Collect t-shirt orders and distribute orders once they arrive.

If one of these sound fun to you, we would LOVE your input & involvement! Please email or just post to the facebook group to get started. :)

If these don't appeal to you, we still have lots of ways to participate: signing up to bring food for teacher events, attending events, even just by joining us on facebook you are helping to support our school community! Any contribution of your time or talent, large or small is ALWAYS GREATLY APPRECIATED.

See you at school!


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